Property Types

What is “like-kind” property under a 1031 Exchange?


Below are some examples of “like-kind” real estate:

  • Vacant Land
  • Single Family Homes*
  • Condos
  • Multi-Family
  • Industrial Property
  • Office Property
  • Retail Property
  • Farm Property
  • Hotels
  • 30-year or more Leasehold Interest
  • Tenant-in-Common (TIC)
  • Delaware Statutory Trust (DST)
  • Syndicated Real Estate


*It is important to note that one’s primary residence, as well as vacation or second homes held primarily for personal use, will not qualify for a Section 1031 Exchange. However, there are certain safe harbors for vacation and second homes to qualify as either a “relinquished property” or a “replacement property.”


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